Introducing CISOLabs Integrated Risk Controls Assessment (iRCA)

+ CISOLabs Enhanced Governance, Risk and Controls (eGRC)

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About CISO Labs

Created in 2015 by risk expert Addison Alfred, CISOLabs Integrated Risk & Controls Assessment (iRCA) + Enhanced Governance, Risk and Controls (eGRC) are a set of enterprise risk management tools for managing operational risks of small, medium and large businesses, including startups.

Our proprietary iRCA + eGRC tool allows you to:

Assess organization operational & cyber risks
Assess Control Requirements & Maturity.

Our proprietary iRCA + eGRC algorithm and proprietary risk assessment matrix leverages the globally accepted CObIT(TM) methodology to offer a comprehensive platform that allows you to position your company operational risk readiness for audits, cybersecurity initiatives and ongoing regulatory compliance.


CISO Labs iRCA + eGRC tool provides you with the following services to managing your risks.

As an organization you may elect one of two assessment classifications:

Self Assessment

Internally perform management assessment and testing for risk management readiness.

Independent Assessment

Allows CISOLabs to perform the assessment as an independent third party so as to provide objectivity to the assessment of your organizations operational risks.

As an organization you may elect to perform the following assessment types as provided by our proprietary eGRC tool.


Have you implemented and how mature are your organizational policies and practices with regards to leading best practices?

  • Assess the risk of best leading practices of general but comprehensive controls across multiple disciplines in your enterprise

How do you stack up against your industry regulations?

  • Regulations specific assessments offering a prescriptive approach to meeting industry or specific government regulations
  • You can assess multiple regulations at the same time.

Key Regulations:

Other (Custom)

Have a very specific risk/control area that you need to build from the ground up for assessment?

  • Customize and build you own risk assessment from the ground up to include custom risks, custom controls and custom control requirements
Benefits of using CISOLabs iRCA + eGRC
Internal audit readiness
External audit readiness
Regulatory readiness
Know your risks
Executive Risk Dashboard
Easy Reporting for remediation planing

Advanced Features

The iRCA + eGRC tool is extensible, with this scalability capability, your organization may add or remove risks or controls and control requirements as needed at the start of the assessment process. eGRC tool allows for customizable risk/controls, maturity attributes and regulatory compliance control requirements


View assessment results online, including historical assessments and view non-compliance areas for remediation planning.

View and track your risk and maturity over time to monitor your improvement levels and provide roadmaps and historical context to your risks and maturity management performance.

Export draft reports from completed assessments for further drafting and dissemination.

CISOLabs iRCA + eGRC allows any company, small, medium or large to manage their operational risk and to think of risk differently by creating a unified platform for Independent Risk Control Assessments and Risk and Controls Self Assessments.

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